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Degrees, qualifications, experiences

Mr. Robert Bouloc, monitor - professional fishing Guide

Hérault Robert Bouloc Moniteur-Professional fishing guide

Degrees held in connection with fisheries education:

- BPJEPS "Specialty" Recreational Fishing 2007

- UCC Maritime Environment 2007

Diplomas related to aquatic eco-systems:

- BPRE Marine and Continental Aquaculture 2009

Degrees related to security:

- National First Aid Monitor 1995

- Firefighter Officer Diploma Volunteer (Lieutenant)

Degrees related to training

- COM 1

- FOR 1


Trainer on the UCC maritime environment since 2011 for trainees in training.

For the Future Monitors-Guide to sea fishing.

Precisely on the part edge fishing and boat techniques, and safety applied to these techniques.

Who Is Your Monitor-Guide?

I wish through these few lines, introduce me to visitors browsing this site.

Robert Bouloc (my name has its roots and is original Languedoc and Occitan, some saying it still Belloc), they call me Bobby, I am 47 years old (I was born for the Sainte Pelagie, is this a sign?), I found my growth in nature and more precisely in aquatic environments. I am personally a protector of the environment and I am in love with fishing since childhood.

My friend (e) s, my students, my partners describe me as a man available for listening, right, serious, punctual, heart and Word, but with a strong character.

I have an experience in training since 1995, or I have the chance to meet audiences, professionals of all ages, all backgrounds, and this with great pleasure, thanks to all and to all. But here's the beauty of fishing which is a meeting, without age difference vector, backgrounds and backgrounds.

But above all, of the very interesting exchanges at all points, human, technical, professional, constructive, fun and friendly, turning often to friendships.

For my part all these partnerships and inter-actions me are very beneficial to all levels, personal and professional, and the entire associate with fishing, it is fun, it's clear...

Happiness and especially your holds that has a thread, your phone call to Robert at 06 03 78 48 78 to start...

Learn fishing in the company of Robert, WADERS? UH excuse-me WHAT'ELSE? This low of silk.

Here we accept Dark Waders, like Bright Waders, humor and puns.

Passion for fishing and his feelings, love of water, pleasure boat and navigation, amazed by the sea and rivers, surprised by the fish, beauty of nature and the Earth, happy to be revolt, subdued and dreamy landscapes grandiose, unique in France, always pushes me to go towards human beings, want to share with those interested my modest knowledge techniques and those on aquatic and fish.

Since 2010
I work in partnership with the school of Federal of Hérault every Wednesday afternoon, and fishing with the referrer host.

Since 2011
I work on animations with the youth of Marsillargues Pole and A fishing. A.P.P.M.A the Vidourlais Pike in Marsillargues.

13 and 14 October 2011
I am speaking for the first time on the BP JEPS fishing, more precisely on the maritime environment UCC, for the CREPS of Montpelier (youth and Sport), which is a recognition of my serious and my work.

January 24, 2012
Representing the profession monitor-fishing Guide professional Regional Directorate of youth, Sports and Social Cohesion (D.R.J.S.C.S Languedoc-Roussillon) and the Regional Directorate for food, Agriculture and the forest (D.R.A.A.F Languedoc-Roussillon), I'm invited to attend the session of the regional Jury BP JEPS specialty sport fishing, in order to rule on the validation (or not) future monitors-trained in 2011 at the CFPPA of Marvejols fishing Guides. It is a huge responsibility.

On 25 and 26 October 2012
For the second consecutive year, I work on the BP JEPS fishing as a fishing Guide-monitor professional, specifically on the UCC maritime environment, for the Creps of Montpelier (youth and Sport), which is proof of the trust I get this training, M Jean FABRE (D.D.C.S of the Lozère) Coordinator.

January 22, 2013
Representing the profession monitor-fishing Guide professional Regional Directorate of youth, Sports and Social Cohesion (D.R.J.S.C.S Languedoc-Roussillon) and the Regional Directorate for food, Agriculture and the forest (D.R.A.A.F Languedoc-Roussillon), I am invited and this for the second consecutive year, to participate in the session of the regional Jury BP JEPS specialty fishing leisure, in order to rule on the validation (or not) future monitors-trained fishing Guides in 2012 at the CFPPA of Marvejols.

June 17, 2013
For the first time, I work on the BP JEPS recreational fishing as a monitor-Guide of professional fishing, more precisely on the Jury (written and oral) of tests covering knowledge of the business and communication. This training coordinator, M Jean FABRE (D.D.C.S of the Lozère) and the Creps of Montpelier (youth and Sport), proves to me a great deal of confidence. I thank them for that.

12 and 13 September 2013
I got waylaid by the regional HandiSport Committee of Hérault, within days HandiThau that occurred in Meze, in order to animate a part of fishing on two days and on the pond of Thau. Thank you all, next year.

October 08, 2013
I was graciously invited by loads of missions to the University Montpellier II, to a meeting on fishing in Languedoc-Roussillon and the return of fisheries resources, protection and Natura 2000 sites. This in order to establish a DOCOB, a Document of objectives for the same points.

A partnership with the Thau Basin C.P.I.E and the hosting and restore the Taurus Center Meze, for animations for the children who have to theme fishing shot in a marine environment.

August 21, 2014
I got waylaid by the regional HandiSport Committee of Hérault, within days Sport adults that unfolded in Mèze, in order to animate a portion of a day fishing on the pond of Thau. Thank you all, see you in September.

In 2014
At the request of the staff of training BP JEPS fishing of the CFPPA of Marvejols, I write and improves the content of the UCC sea navigation, safety, knowledge of boats sails and engines, so that courses to be given to the future monitors Sea fishing guides. Validated by CREPS, the DRJSCS, the Languedoc-Roussillon and the CFPPA DRAAF.
The whole extends over a week and is taught by trainers of the school from the sea in Sète.
I received and this for the first time, students in training, future monitors fishing Guides at sea for a week, in order to form the various techniques that I practice the edge and boat in a marine environment. It was very constructive for me, thanks a lot for their look.

The basis of the idea of creating a collection of professional fishing Guides and instructors, with the latter we create grouping Regional of instructors-Guides of fishing of the Languedoc-Roussillon (R.R.M.G.P L - R).
I am elected President of the R.R.M.G.P L - R.

In 2015

Professional committed to the promotion, protection, improvement, the future of my profession, I am elected to the Board of Directors of the French Federation of fishing Guides (F.F.M.G.P) monitors.

January 2016, I am elected Vice President of the F.F.M.G.P.

January 2017, I am elected President of the F.F.M.G.P.

Best regards, your Boby Guide.